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10-Jan-2018 14:28

Exactly where does he rate among the Leo Di Caprios, Warren Beattys, and Wilmer Valderramas of the world?

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This was no different for South African “IT” girl, Minnie Dlamini.

How did Amy Schumer meet her new carpenter boyfriend?

Maybe she was in the market for new living room furniture only to discover that Ben Hanisch had built not only the sturdy yet elegant rocking chair of her dreams, but also the foundation for true love.

The men all want an Angelina Jolie, and all the women want a Brad Pitt.

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And why not (besides the mildly inconvenient fact of those two being married to each other)? Now I’ve been living in Los Angeles for some years, and for better or for worse have gone out with enough actresses to know what it’s like.

Charlotte began by saying that didn't see Joey 'in that way': "I've never fancied him."I've got a soft spot for Joey, but I can't imagine a passionate kiss with him.