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The Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center, an advocacy group that tracks activity by groups it considers extremist, says there’s no evidence the Klan is returning to the strength of its heyday.(AP Photo/Mike Stewart) Klan members still gather by the dozens under starry Southern skies to set fire to crosses in the dead of night, and KKK leaflets have shown up in suburban neighborhoods from the Deep South to the Northeast in recent months.Perhaps most unwelcome to opponents, some independent Klan organizations say they are merging with larger groups to build strength. politics are going their way, as a nationalist, us-against-them mentality deepens across the nation.

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Still in the car, they crash-land on a snowy forest landscape and, from there, the world of “Emerald City” begins to take shape, with several slightly altered parallels to “The Wizard of Oz.” There’s the “Mistress of the Eastern Wood,” whom Dorothy accidentally hits (and kills) with the cop car (echoing Dorothy’s house killing the Wicked Witch of the East in the movie); a group of tribal woods people; and, yes, the vain Wizard (a bewigged Vincent D’Onofrio), who uses low-tech drones (shaped like the movie’s familiar flying monkeys) to survey his empire.

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